Do I have to wait until open enrollment to get health insurance?

It depends. If you have major preexisting conditions that you need covered, yes. If not, no.

Other Exceptions: If you have a qualifying life event within the last 60 days (such as losing coverage, getting married/divorced, having a baby), you also do not have to wait until open enrollment to get health insurance.

What is Open Enrollment? Open enrollment for individual health insurance plans happens November 1st through December 15th. This is the time when new plans are released and everyone can choose their health insurance plan for the next year (plans will start January 1st.

Why is Open Enrollment Important? Reviewing your benefits during open enrollment can save you money. You can compare different plans and choose one that offers the coverage you need at the best price. You can also see if you qualify for tax subsidies and get a lower monthly rate.

What Happens if You Miss Open Enrollment? You might have to wait until the next year to make changes or you may have limited plan options.

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