Health Insurance: Important Key Dates to Remember

As we approach the Open Enrollment season, we want to keep you informed. We have seen so many people miss out on savings and securing the right coverage for their needs. Please keep in mind the important dates below and do not wait until the last minute!

1. November 1st, 2023: Open Enrollment Begins Open enrollment is a period when individuals and families can review their current health insurance plans, explore new options, and make changes as needed.

2. December 15th, 2023: Enrollment Deadline
This is the deadline for enrolling or making changes to your health insurance plan. If you miss this deadline, you may have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to make any adjustments.

3. January 1st, 2024: Coverage Starts
Any changes or enrollments made during the Open Enrollment period will take effect on January 1st of the following year. It’s important to plan ahead and ensure your coverage aligns with your needs and any life changes you anticipate.

Exemptions: Qualifying Life Events
While Open Enrollment has a set timeframe, certain life events can trigger Special Enrollment Periods, allowing you to make changes outside of the regular schedule. These events may include getting married, having a baby, losing coverage, or experiencing a change in household income.

Navigating the complexities of Open Enrollment can be challenging, especially when it comes to selecting the right healthcare plan and understanding the financial implications. We are here to provide you with expert guidance, ensuring you make the most informed decisions for your financial and healthcare future.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Send us a text or give us a call at
(813) 761-2836

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